Ponti started imports of cars from the USA and Canada in 1995. Over this period, we have imported not only a wide variety of standard passenger cars, van-types for family solutions, but also luxury cars and cult jeep brands.
In our portfolio we have a record of numerous logistically and financially complicated orders for unique cars on the Polish market: antique cars, military vehicles, armoured vehicles and also specialised car equipment.
We have imported and equipped the cars for Clients of various market segments including the Maritime Harbour Authority and the Swedish corporation Flextronics. Ponti has provided its prestigious services for the Polish Navy and for popular celebrities and publicly known and honoured VIPs.
When performing the orders Ponti takes comprehensive care of all necessary aspects of the transaction.

Our current offer

Currently Ponti offers cars imported from the USA and Canada or second-hand cars untrusted by our Clients on a commission basis. The history and technical conditions of these cars are known and open for inspection to potential Clients. In most cases, the cars have already passed technical inspection accompanied by a detailed description of relevant features. Ponti offers cars ready for driving, from secure source and without unpleasant surprises. Once the Client buys a car he also enjoys the right to discounts on service and spare parts. Any additional installations are made under preferential conditions.


What have our Clients bought?

Each Client is unique and represents specific taste, follows different fashion trends, has individual needs and thus expects a unique car. Our experience, abilities, expert knowledge of the market and business contacts allow us satisfy these various motoring demand. What makes the Ponti’s offer differ from other car importers is that we are able to provide our Clients cars tailored to their needs, cars of dreams and just best bargain cars. Ponti offers a selection of features that are vital for the Clients: favourite colours, seat coverings, engines. At Ponti you are not limited to what we have on stock – we have “what you want you get” offers as well!



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Od czerwca dostępne są oryginalne i ekonomiczne Dodge Caliber w wersji SXT, a od listopada kolejny Dodge Grand Caravan w nowej karoserii ...


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