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 Ponti represents almost 20 years’ experience in the import of cars from the USA and Canada. Over these challenging years we have been operating with success within a very dynamic business environment. Poland became a member of the European Union, regulations and standards have dramatically changed, automotive industry and car selling markets have undergone numerous breakthroughs, yet our Company has successfully coped with all market challenges offering and completing massive routine and very special orders for our Clients.  Taking a risk of buying a car on turbulent markets may prove very costly. Reduce your risk and benefit from our extensive know-how.

Technical Service

Car Service offered by Ponti Company has been developed for 17 years now. American cars is our passion! Ponti, among very few US car importers and dealers, operates original manufacturers’ scanners and software to the GM, Chrysler and US Ford brands and diagnostic equipment for encoding immobilizers and processors. Modern cars are mechanically sophisticated and require new complicated software. Our service people are permanently upgrading their professional and expert knowledge. Today it is no more possible to “learn how to service a car” on a short-term training course or even over one year apprenticeship, as it was in the “old good years”. Don’t experiment with your car – you better choose our Service.


Car rentals is the latest offer of Ponti Company. Now our Clients can enjoy the full variety of opportunities at “one stop shop”. Now, when you leave your American for service, you can use a replacement car of the same class for the time when your car stays at our workshop. Rent a Car service is also a pleasant occasion to explore a car that you are interested to buy. Package tour – If you like travelling long distances in a company of a larger circle of friends don’t take two cars, take one bigger and more comfortable VAN. We rent only American cars where larger space, air conditioning and automatic transmission are a standard. For Clients using our Technical Service Ponti has special discounted prices.

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Lista aut dostępnych na miejscu ulega ciągłym zmianom. Zalecamy ciągły podgląd tej strony aby okazja nie umknęła do innego klienta


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Od czerwca dostępne są oryginalne i ekonomiczne Dodge Caliber w wersji SXT, a od listopada kolejny Dodge Grand Caravan w nowej karoserii ...


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Części zamienne, akcesoria, oleje, dodatkowe wyposażenie. Wszystko dostępne w wykonaniu fabrycznym lub innych sprawdzonych producentów. 


Części, oleje, dodatkowe instalacje

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